World Sex Lingerie Brand Ranking

World Sex Lingerie Brand Ranking

Interest underwear is a beautiful and sexy underwear at the same time. It was originally manufactured in order to improve the emotion.Today, sexy underwear has become part of the fashion industry, and more and more brands have begun to get involved in this field.In this article, we will list the rankings of the world’s sexy underwear brands and explore the characteristics and advantages of each brand.

1. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s largest sexy lingerie brands.Its product line covers most of the areas from ordinary underwear to sexual erotic lingerie, and pursues unparalleled silky comfort and fashion sense.Its clothing style is unique, paying attention to details, and suitable for women who like fashion.

2. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a sexy underwear brand in Britain. It focuses on sexy, avant -garde, rebellion, and also focuses on design and comfort.The brand’s product image is unique and aims to break the traditional beauty, embrace unruly and free personality.

3. La Perla

Italian brand La Perla was founded in 1954. It is represented by classics and elegance. It is one of the representative brands in the field of sexy underwear.Its product line is beyond sexy underwear and involves the fields of ordinary underwear and swimsuits, which is loved by fashionable women.

4. Pleasure State

Pleasure State is a sexy underwear brand in Australia. It is slightly lower than the above three brands but is still popular.Its design is very bold and personalized, and often focuses on stimulation.Its product line is wide and suitable for women who like to try new things.

5. Chateelle

The French brand Chantelle is the mid -to -high -end brand of the sex underwear market, focusing on product shape and quality.Its design pays more attention to soft lines, exquisite craftsmanship and noble colors.


AUBADE, also from France, was founded in 1875 and is an old brand in sexy underwear.Its design is simple but elegant, and the perfect combination of fashion, elegance and sexy is suitable for women who pursue simple and restrained women, especially among women who like company dresses.

7. Frederick’s of Hollywood

Frederick’s of Hollywood is a US sexy underwear brand. Founded in 1947, it has a high reputation in the American market.The brand is positioned as a high -end urban brand, and its design is bold, strange and attractive.Suitable for young women who like early adopters.

8. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky is a brand from the United States in the 1970s. Its famous products are G-String sex underwear with countless unique bows.The brand focuses on comfort and softness. Its products are very popular in the US market and have a large number of fan groups.

9. Bluebella

Bluebella is a younger sexy underwear brand in Britain. Its design is creative and personality, pursuing avant -garde, sexy and fashionable fashion.The brand focuses on mix and match style, suitable for women who like novel matching.

10. Wolford

The Austrian brand Wolford was founded in 1950. It has always focused on comfort, fineness and nobleness. Its fun underwear series has always been high -end luxury goods.Its product line is very extensive, and it has performed well in the areas of ordinary underwear, bodywear, swimwear and socks.

in conclusion

The fun underwear of different brands has different characteristics and charm. It is important to choose the right brand that is right.Of course, brand disputes do not mean that their quality is very good, and consumers need to choose products that suits them according to their needs and tastes.

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