Wuhan Sexy Underwear Physical Store’s entrance

Visit the entrance of the Sinios of Wuhan’s Info Underwear Sports Store

In modern times, sexy underwear is no longer a mysterious existence, and more and more people have begun to understand its existence.In Wuhan, there is a very popular sexy underwear store, Simon.There are not only various styles of sexy underwear, but also the clerk is very professional and can give you the best suggestions.Let’s visit this shop together today.

Shop environment

The Simonkou store is located in the commercial circle of Jianghan Road, Hankou. The transportation is convenient and the store area is not small.When I walked into the store, the white walls and counters first came into view, which was simple and atmospheric.The sharp black tone rendering is used inside. All underwear display racks in the store are made of black fine metal.The light in the store is warm and soft, bringing customers a relaxed and comfortable feeling.


The sexy underwear of Simonkou stores is very rich, including various colors, materials and styles.The clerk will recommend different styles to you according to different figures and needs to ensure that you can find one of the most suitable underwear.

Children are prohibited from entering

There is a very strict rule in the store -customers under 18 years old are prohibited from entering.In terms of ensuring the physical and mental health of minors, they are very responsible.

Clerk service

The clerk is very professional and patient. If you don’t know your body well, they will provide you with professional advice; if you don’t know a certain style well, the clerk will also recommend you.In short, the clerk will do his best to help you find the sexy underwear that suits you best.

Price range

The price of sexy underwear is not cheap, but the price of Simonou stores is relatively close to the people.The price of underwear ranges from hundreds of yuan to 2,000 yuan, but compared to other brands, these underwear are relatively cost -effective.

Consumption environment

All the sexy underwear at the Simonou store has been carefully selected, and all underwear is new.When trying on, each customer will be equipped with disposable paper or headsets, and there is no need to worry about sanitation.

Delivery Method

If you don’t want to buy in the store, they also provide offline orders.After ordering, you can choose to get home or express home, which is convenient and fast.

Refund service

If you are not sure if the purchased underwear is appropriate, the Simonou store also provides a refund service.However, it should be noted that in order to ensure hygiene, please do not seal and try on before returning. This is also a way for them to ensure quality and hygiene.


Wuhan Simonou Store is a very professional sexy underwear store. From the environment of the store to the type of underwear to the staff service, they can provide you with the best shopping experience.If you have a need for sexy underwear, it is recommended that you try to shop in a physical store. After all, try on it to ensure a more appropriate choice.

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