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Yi Xi Qianxi Interesting Underwear Photos is exposed

Recently, a group of interesting lingerie photos of Yi Xi Qianxi were exposed on the Internet, which caused heated discussion among many netizens.These photos show that Yi Xi Qianxi wore different styles of sexy underwear and showed his sexy side.

Sexy V -panties

In the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi wore a pair of black V -line underwear to show his healthy muscles and sexy abdominal muscles.This kind of underwear helps to highlight the physiological characteristics of men and is a common sexy underwear.

Perspective underwear

In the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi also wore a see -through underwear. This underwear can show the male chest lines of men, making men look more beautiful while sexy.

Lace panties

In addition to the black V -style underwear, Yi Xi Qianxi also wore a pair of lace panties, which showed his soft side.Lace underwear is often used to make women’s sexy underwear, but it can also be used for men’s underwear design.

Men’s role -playing underwear

In the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi played underwear in a man’s character, showing his fashion attitude and sexy style.The design of this underwear allows men to show different roles, such as police, doctors, etc., which increases sexual interest.


In the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi is also wearing a connected underwear. This underwear is usually black, which can show the figure of the male body and make men healthier and beautiful.


Yi Xi Qianxi also showed a pair of eye panties. This kind of underwear was designed through mesh. While showing the health characteristics of men, it also increased a sexy atmosphere.

Color underwear suit

In addition, in the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi also wore a colorful underwear. This underwear suit can show a variety of different temperaments of men through different colors and shapes.

Black leather pants

In addition to underwear, in the photo, Yi Xi Qianxi also wore a pair of black leather pants. This pants can show the fashion taste of men and increase sexy atmosphere.


Through the display of these sexy underwear, we can see that sexy underwear can not only be used to increase sexual interest, but also show the health characteristics and fashion taste of men.Choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can show men to show confidence, sexy and fashionable and fashionable side.

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