Yinghuang Fun Underwear Factory Recruitment Information

Eagle Welling Underwear Factory Introduction

Yinghuang sex underwear factory is a professional manufacturer of sexy underwear. It is not only committed to creating high -quality sexy underwear, but also pays attention to providing customers with high -quality services.As a manufacturer with many years of production experience, we have comprehensive production equipment and a high -quality team that can ensure that each sexy underwear is a high -quality product that has been controlled by layers.

Recruitment information of Yinghuang sexy underwear factory

At present, we sincerely invite a group of enthusiastic underwear industries to have innovative people to join the Eagle Team.The following is the recruitment information:

Position 1: Designer

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the selection of fabrics, styles, color schemes, and size;

Participate in product development and complete the design of various digital boards and 3D renderings;

Discover the latest popular trends and innovatively design new sexy underwear.


Related design, have good artistic skills and aesthetic ability;

Proficient in common design software such as AI and PS;

Have a unique feeling and understanding of sexy underwear.

Position 2: Copywriting planning

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the implementation of the planning, creativity and landing of brand, products and activities;

Responsible for the writing of various marketing copywriting planning, posters, advertising, DM and other copywriting;

Deeply restore and summarize brand stories, brand vision and product characteristics.


Have certain experience in online marketing and copywriting;

The image thinking is clear, and the concept of abstraction can be expressed in simple and vivid language;

Have enough understanding and enthusiasm for sexy underwear.

Position 3: Market Specialist

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the formulation of the marketing strategy of the product, complete the fixed sales indicators;

Collect, organize and analyze market information, and find market sales opportunities;

Responsible for online and offline activities planning and planning.


Marketing, business management and other related majors have more than 2 years of marketing work experience;

Familiar with various digital marketing methods and various media resources;

Love the sexy underwear industry, has strong market analysis capabilities, insight and judgment.

Job 4: Quality Inspector

Work responsibility:

Responsible for random inspection and inspection of raw materials, intermediates, and end products in the production process;

Record and organize product quality information, and follow up with abnormal conditions;

Supervise and implement the standard process of product production.


College degree or above, with quality inspection experience preferred;

Have a certain quality awareness and judgment, pay attention to details and process management;

Patience, meticulous, responsible and teamwork spirit, good at communication.

Position 5: Warehouse administrator

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the management, planning, organization and implementation of warehouses, including inventory management, material management, etc.;

Plan and optimize the overall layout of the warehouse to achieve the optimal warehouse operation model;

Responsible for arranging daily work in the warehouse to ensure that the materials in and out, storage, acceptance and statistics are timely.


Bachelor degree or above, those who have experience in logistics and storage management are preferred;

Familiar with the management process and related system management of the storage;

With team management and organizational coordination capabilities, it can be independently responsible for warehousing related work.

Position 6: After -sales customer service

Work responsibility:

To deal with customers’ consultations, complaints, after -sales maintenance and other issues, provide timely and professional after -sales service;

Assist and solve the problems encountered by customers, restore the real needs of customers, and provide better after -sales solutions;

Record and organize customer service data and timely feedback.


Have strong communication and expression ability, strong affinity, good at communicating and coordinating with others;

Love sales work, have special awareness of sexy underwear, think about problems from the perspective of customer;

Be enthusiastic, patient and meticulous, and can withstand greater work pressure.

Position 7: Production Assistant

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the formulation and deployment of the production plan, allocate production tasks;

Track production progress to ensure that the quality of the sexy underwear produced meets the requirements;

Assist in production relevant personnel to complete the production tasks and coordinate and deal with various problems at the scene.


The bachelor’s degree or above has a deep understanding of production management;

Familiar with the operation of the office software, have certain statistics and preparation report experience;

Those with production management work are preferred and can adapt to overtime work.

Position 8: Logistics Specialist

Work responsibility:

Responsible for the management of the entire process of logistics transportation such as goods distribution, shipment, warehousing, customs declaration;

Coordinate with the logistics company to follow up and adjust at any time;

Make sure the accuracy of the delivery and delivery time arrangement.


Graduated from logistics -related majors, with more than 2 years of logistics and transportation experience;

Proficient in related operating systems, be able to apply Office software proficiently;

Work seriously and responsible, have a strong sense of career and teamwork.

Recruitment information end

The above is the recruitment information of the Eagle Welling Underwear Factory. If you have the skills and quality required for the above positions, you are welcome to join our team.Yinghuang’s sexy underwear factory is not only a company with prospects, but we will also provide you with a good development platform and good salary. Looking forward to your joining!

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