You wear a sexy underwear for cooling H

Wearing sexy sexy underwear is one of the methods of many women who flirt and tease their partners.But do you know?Putting on a sexy underwear can not only make you flirt, but also make you make better!Below, let me introduce to the Nables of wearing a fun underwear to make cool H!

1. Sexy underwear makes you more confident (confidence is the key to flirting)

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can not only make you more confident, but also improve your self -esteem.Self -confidence is the key to flirting. Only by let your partner see your confidence will it stimulate his desire.Therefore, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Second, sexy underwear can make you more pleasant (pleasure is the prerequisite for sex)

Wearing sexy underwear can better stimulate your sexual desire and sexual sensitivity.This is because the texture and design of sexy underwear can appropriately stimulate your sexy areas, making your body more sensitive and easy to stimulate.Therefore, the sense of joy of sex is easier to improve.

Third, sexy underwear can enhance gender identity

Interest underwear can make people wear it more gender.Men can feel a stronger male atmosphere when wearing sexy underwear, and women wear sexy underwear, which can also better experience their female characteristics.Therefore, increasing gender identity can enhance your sexual impulse.

Fourth, make the love process more mysterious and dynamic (enhance sex)

Wearing sexy underwear can better add love story plot.You can hide in a romantic atmosphere, or make various interesting postures in bed.This can not only add love motivation, but also enjoy a better sex life, but also enhance passion.

5. Experience different sex feelings

Wearing different types of sexy underwear can allow you to experience different sex feelings.Appropriate socks and shoulder vests can make your body look more coordinated and beautiful. Low -cut vests can make your cleavage more sexy. Sexy socks can appropriately add your interest and love life, and you can also make yourSex life is more interesting.

6. Full points for your aesthetics (the aesthetic thinking can also be played in sex)

Putting on sexy underwear can better stimulate your aesthetic thinking, because these underwear are both fashionable and different types of playfulness can make you better enjoy the fun and style in the process of sex.Therefore, your aesthetic ability can also be perfectly reflected in sex.

7. Skills that can improve sex (skills and experience are equally important)

Putting on sexy underwear can help you improve sex skills.Because different types of underwear involve different sexual methods and skills in different types of underwear, wearing underwear is also a way to improve sex skills.

8. Upgrade your sex skills (sex education can continue to be carried out in sex)

Putting on sexy underwear can help you better practice sexual skills and better experience different sexual positions and methods.Therefore, make your sex experience and skills more colorful and experience a more exciting sex life.


It is not just a way to express love underwear, but also a way to satisfy your sexual pleasure.In appropriate cases, making sex with sexy underwear can make you more confident and more pleasant, and at the same time, it can also stimulate you to more sexual desire and sexual impulse.Therefore, choose a sexy underwear that suits you and enjoy a beautiful sex experience!