Your husband buys sexy underwear to sleep

Why do my husband like to buy sexy underwear to sleep?

In recent years, more and more men have begun to buy sexy underwear to sleep. This phenomenon has also received widespread attention in social media.For some female friends, this behavior seems to be a bit incomprehensible. What is the reason for her husband to do this?The following will be explained from several aspects.

Good comfortable

Compared with traditional pajamas, sexy underwear is more personal, and the materials used are more comfortable. It can better fit the body curve and bring a better sense of fit to the body.So for some husbands who pursue comfort, sexy underwear has become a very good choice.

Sexy atmosphere

In fact, many men have a soft spot for sexy sexy lingerie.The unique design and unique fabric form a sharp contrast with other traditional pajamas, creating a very special, slightly teased atmosphere.

Effectively relieve stress

Wearing a sexy underwear to sleep can also help her husband to relieve tension and stress.After a day of busy work, some people feel very tired and frustrated. Wearing a sexy underwear before going to bed can not only help them relax the body and mind, but also relieve fatigue physical condition and make the body feel comfortable and relaxed.

Promoting husband and wife feelings

Wearing a sexy underwear to sleep also helps enhance the relationship between husband and wife.When some male guys are lying on the bed in sexy underwear, he will feel very comfortable and feel very sexy.At this time, if you hold it with your lover, the feelings between the two sides will be more intimate.

More in line with your partner

Wearing a sexy underwear can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also help both parties in line.Sometimes, if the body size of both sides is too large, then traditional pajamas are difficult to fit the body curve of both sides.However, if you choose a sexy underwear, the better elasticity of the material can help better adapt to the body’s curve, make the body of both sides fit each other, and enhance the body’s intimacy.

Strengthen self -confidence

Wearing a sexy underwear to sleep can also help men to enhance self -confidence.The unique design style, material, quality and other factors make men feel more handsome, confident and sexy before putting on.

Express personality

Similarly, wearing sexy underwear to sleep can also show men’s personality and style.This method of wearing full of time is full of sense of time, showing the temperament of men, and people can relax themselves before going to bed while expressing their own personality.

It is good for men’s mental health

Studies have shown that maintaining good sleep habits is the key to promoting physical health.Sleeping in erotic underwear can also promote male mental health.A good sleep attitude and psychological health are complementary. This method of sleep can also help men maintain a good mentality, alleviate the psychological pressure of fast -paced life, and reduce the risk of various diseases.


In general, the age, personal situation and personality factors such as male age, personal situation and personality will choose.However, the special way to wear sex underwear to sleep is undoubtedly the embodiment of their personal hobbies, unique tastes and pursuit of fashion. It is important to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and confident before going to bed.