Zhao Wei sexy sheets

Zhao Wei’s fun underwear brand and their characteristics

Zhao Wei is a fashion representative in the minds of many women, not only because of her fashion taste, but also because she has founded her own sex lingerie brand.

Zhao Wei’s sexy lingerie brands are mainly divided into two series: Bisou Bisou and Vivian’s Secret.Among them, Bisou Bisou means "kiss" in French, which means the intimacy and warmth conveyed by the brand, and Vivian’s Secret is through Zhao Wei’s English name vivian, combined with Victoria’s SecretExquisite and mysterious brand

Bisou bisou series analysis

The design style of the BISOU BISOU series emphasizes simple, classic, neat, stylish, and bold color.Among them, red -based coloring systems are charming and rich, showing the sexy and charm of women.With its classic design and comfortable fabric, the fun underwear of the Bisou Bisou series is loved by women.

Vivian’s Secret series analysis

Vivian’s Secret series is more unique and luxurious.The design style is more gorgeous and exquisite. Many exquisite handicraft arts such as embroidery and lace are used to bring people a noble and elegant feeling.Unlike the BISOU BISOU series, the Vivian’s Secret series pays more attention to details and quality. It is based on neutral color and is more suitable for women to give them to friends by themselves or as gifts.

The choice and matching of different erotic underwear

Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for different occasions, and the appropriate combination can enhance the charm of women.Ordinary daily wear can choose simple styles, unpopular or special occasions, you can choose unique sexy underwear.At the same time, pay attention to choosing a size suitable for you, and try to choose the comfortable and breathable erotic underwear as much as possible.

About the hygiene of sexy underwear

Sex underwear directly contacts the human body. In order to avoid the spread of the disease, it is necessary to replace sex underwear regularly and keep it clean and hygienic.And also need to pay attention to choosing high -quality sexy underwear brands, so as not to cause health problems due to poor quality.

Sexy underwear buying skills

In the purchase of sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the selection of size, the quality of the fabric, and the appropriateness of the style.At the same time, we must also pay attention to choosing brands and physical stores with good reputation to better protect their rights and interests.

Sexy underwear wear misunderstandings

Some women have the following misunderstandings when wearing fun underwear:

Excessive attention and sexy and ignoring comfort

I don’t know the characteristics of my body and follow the trend

Put sexy underwear as ordinary underwear directly outside

Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, it is necessary to advocate comfort as the premise, and to be flexibly purchased according to their figure characteristics and occasions in order to better show the charm of women.

Questions of sexy underwear and gender discrimination

As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear has also arisen many controversies due to its excessive exposure and the problem of gender discrimination in the public’s psychology.Therefore, while using sexy underwear, it is also necessary to accurately treat its meaning and strictly abide by moral standards.

Sexy is not equal to exposure-the aesthetic way of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear emphasizes sexy and aesthetics, it does not mean exposure and vulgarity. Its well -designed brand with excellent design, reliable quality, and high -quality materials can also maintain a balance between sexy and beauty.In terms of matching, we must also pay attention to clever embellishment and matching to achieve the best aesthetic effect.

Interesting underwear and women’s self -confidence

As an underwear that shows women’s charm, sexy underwear plays an important role in improving women’s self -confidence.By wearing sexy underwear, women can better understand and show their physical advantages, and then inspire inner self -confidence and vitality.


As a part of the consumer market, sexy underwear has become part of the daily fashion trend of modern women.By choosing a brand and style that suits them, women can not only improve their comfort and dress quality, but also show their beauty and charm.