Zhengli Interesting Underwear Show

Zhengli Interesting Underwear Show

With the progress of society and people’s demand for fun life, sexy underwear has become the focus of attention for many people.As one of the leading domestic erotic underwear brands in China, Zhengli Funwear has always been committed to launching underwear products that are suitable for different consumer needs.This year, Zhengli Infusion Underwear Exhibition has ushered in a new product release. Next, we will introduce this exhibition in detail for everyone.

1. Pink tone series

The pink tone series underwear is one of our representative products in our exhibition.This series includes a variety of pink -tone underwear, from pale pink to pink, and the style also has a variety of styles such as lace type to low -key flat solid types, suitable for different women’s needs.

2. Deep V sexy series

The deep V sexy series of underwear is sexy as the main element, and the deep V design is adopted, which can show the beautiful curve of women well.Moreover, this series of underwear is made of high -quality fabrics and craftsmanship, which is comfortable and textured.

3. Modified version of sexy lithography

The modified version of the sexy lingerie is another highlight of the exhibition.This series of underwear adopts high -grade lace fabric and close -up design, making women’s back lines more beautiful, more sexy and charming.Moreover, this underwear also adds a detachable shoulder strap design, which is very practical.

4. Low -key elegant series

The low -key elegant series underwear is designed to satisfy those women who do not like too much.This series of underwear uses low -key colors and simple design, emphasizing the curve beauty and elegance of women’s bodies, making women show charm in a natural atmosphere.

5. Breast protection series

The breast protection series underwear is designed for women who need comfort and support.This series of underwear uses a super soft and comfortable underwear cup to effectively support the chest and reduce the burden on the chest.At the same time, the design of the cup height and width is more in line with the characteristics of Asian women.

6. European and American style series

The European and American style series of underwear gathers the sexy characteristics of European and American fashion elements and sexy underwear, which is another highlight in the exhibition.This series of underwear uses European top lace fabrics and noble diamond ornaments, allowing women to show sexy while showing noble and elegant.

7. High -waist abdominal fat burning body panties

In addition to underwear, the exhibition also launched high -waisted abdominal fat -burning body panties.This underwear is made of high elastic yarn. According to ergonomic design, it can effectively close the abdomen, bodybuilding and fat burning, and form a compact body curve.

8. DIY sexy underwear design

It is important to remind everyone that there is a very special link in Zhengli sexy underwear exhibition this year, that is, DIY sexy underwear design.Exhibitors can integrate their creativity and design into underwear, making their sexy underwear more unique.

9. Security

Considering that sexy underwear will be exposed to the skin, Zhengli sexy underwear puts the quality and safety of the first place during the production process.All materials and production processes have passed strict testing to ensure that underwear has no effect on the safety and health of the human body.

10. Conclusion

Zhengli sexy underwear exhibitions are complete, suitable for different consumer needs.At the same time, it focuses on quality and safety guarantee, which makes people feel more at ease.I believe that in this exhibition, you will be able to find underwear that suits you.

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