Fun underwear sea transport export is still air transport export

The background of sexy underwear exit

With the advancement of the times, the demand for sex underwear in the domestic market is increasing, and there are more and more diverse and high -quality women’s sexy underwear.Therefore, many exporters want to seize the opportunity and export the product to the international market.However, for exporters, choosing cheap and fast export methods under the premise of quality assurance has become a problem that needs to be weighing.

Advantages of Haiyun Export

It should be noted that most of the sexy underwear of Haiyun exports is mostly transported in the whole box. There are some advantages:

Poor cost: When transporting a large amount of goods, the cost needs to be more economical.Compared with air transport exports, the cost of shipping exports is lower, and sea transportation provides a variety of prices optional solutions;

More stable transportation: Maritime transportation is relatively stable, and often can avoid delays and unstable factors caused by factors such as customs declaration problems or spaces in air transportation;

More volume -capable of transportation: The entire box of transportation is relatively more friendly for the interesting underwear exports with a large volume problem, which can be packaged in large quantities to reduce the number of transportation and additional costs.

Disadvantages of sea transport exports

However, there is also a disadvantage of Haiyun exports:

Longer transportation time: Haiyun exports usually take a few weeks to several months, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of fast delivery;

The goods are vulnerable to moisture: During the transportation, it is easily damaged by the moisture;

Clearance issues: Because the shipping trade involves legal issues in multiple countries, it will face many problems of culture, language and customs clearance.

The advantages of air transport export

In comparison, air transport exports have the following advantages:

Short delivery time: For customers and companies, air transport can be submitted more quickly;

A small number of goods damage: air transport can ensure that the goods are reduced or avoid slight damage in the process;

More extreme speed and services: fast delivery and cargo tracking.Air transport exports are faster than the services provided by sea transport, and merchants can meet customer needs faster.

Disadvantages of air transport exports

When considering air transport exports, you should also pay attention to the following shortcomings:

High freight: The freight for air transport is relatively high;

Difficulty of loading and unloading management: Compared with the export of sea transport, the risk of air transport exports is higher, and the risk of human loss and cargo loss during the loading and unloading process cannot be avoided.

Judgment of sexy underwear export selection

Exporters should calm down and make choices according to the actual situation.If there are a variety of goods and orders, you can choose to transport partly in a sea transport and partial air transport.The better choice should be to fully weigh the relevant information, and consult an international trade expert to help you make the best decision before considering arranging the delivery period.

Sea transport or air transport export: your choice

In short, Haipai’s export sexy underwear is more cost -effective than air transport exports in many cases.However, with the improvement of aviation technology, the risk of air transport is decreasing, and it is also more popular with customers.Therefore, the key is to choose the export method according to personal requirements.Exporters should also consider the requirements of the volume, weight, and sensitivity of the goods, and consult the opinions of international trade experts.When choosing an export method, you should pay attention: the best way is a combination of comfort, reliability, and best freight.

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