WeChat sells second -hand sexy underwear

WeChat sells second -hand sexy underwear

With the rise of the second -hand market, more and more people have resold or exchange their second -hand items.Not only ordinary items, but even sex products are no exception.Recently, a new phenomenon appeared on WeChat: WeChat sells second -hand sexy underwear.What is going on?

1. Why does anyone sell second -hand sexy underwear?

First of all, let’s explain why someone sells second -hand sexy underwear.For some users, they may buy inappropriate sizes or styles that are not suitable for themselves, so these underwear are idle at home for a long time.At this time, selling second -hand sexy underwear is a solution.And some collectors will collect all kinds of sexy underwear. It is also a good choice to sell some excess underwear through WeChat.

2. The second -hand market on WeChat

The second -hand market on WeChat is a relatively closed social circle.You need to add a specific WeChat group or someone to recommend it to enter.There are general administrators managed in the group. Before joining, you need to improve your personal information and strictly review.The quality of the goods in this market is uneven, but because the two parties are reviewed, the security of the transaction is guaranteed to a certain extent.

3. Quantity and quality

Although there are a certain market in second -hand sexy underwear, the quantity and quality are different from other ordinary items.Interest underwear is different from some convenient and fast consumer goods. Compared with ordinary daily necessities, the frequency and shelf life of sexy underwear are lower, so the total market is not as many as other categories.In addition, second -hand interesting underwear needs to be checked, because health problems may be brought by unqualified underwear.

4. Test the quality of second -hand sexy underwear

For sanitation and safety considerations, buyers need to test their quality when buying second -hand sexy lingerie.First of all, disinfection is needed, it is best to use disinfectant to clean.In addition, the quality of the underwear needs to be checked to see if there is wear or break.If it is a particularly valuable sexy underwear, such as leather underwear or underwear that requires special maintenance, it is recommended to buy it carefully to avoid unnecessary damage.

5. Market price

We also need to do some investigation and understanding of the market price of second -hand erotic underwear.According to the current market situation, it can generally be sold at one -half of the original price.High -value sexy underwear is generally between 300 and 500 yuan, while relatively cheap sexy underwear is between 100 and 200 yuan.Of course, the price is also related to the material, style, brand, etc. of sexy underwear.

6. Pay attention to safety issues

Pay attention to some security issues in the process of selling second -hand sexy underwear on WeChat.First of all, don’t add strangers at will, it is best to introduce it through friends you know.In addition, you need to ensure your information security during the transaction, do not disclose personal privacy, or let yourself be caught in a money dispute, beware of fraud and fraud.

7. The unique charm of second -hand erotic underwear

Although there are some second -hand underwear in poor quality or inexplicable prices, for some collectors or sexual cultural lirageists, sexy underwear still has a certain unique charm. These underwear may be considered a collection or show figure.tool.For these people, selling second -hand sexy underwear on WeChat is also a cultural output.

8. Summary

In the second -hand market, although selling second -hand sexy underwear is a very special trading behavior, its existence also shows that different people have different cultural aesthetics and lifestyles.How to judge the quality of second -hand erotic underwear and the security of transactions are also issues that we need to pay attention to.I believe that through the introduction of this article, everyone knows more about selling second -hand sexy underwear on WeChat.

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