Male heroes wearing sexy underwear movies

Male heroes wearing sexy underwear movies

With the opening of social atmosphere and the change of people’s aesthetics, sexy underwear has gradually become a popular fashion trend.In the movie, the male and female protagonists wearing sexy underwear have also become a unique expression, making people’s understanding of characters and plots more deeper.The following will introduce several movies with sexy underwear in sexy underwear.

1. "American Sweetheart"

In this movie, the protagonist Cameron was wearing a mask and a sexy erotic underwear to wait for him to come back.This scene is funny and touching, and is one of the classic shots of this film.

2. "Rings King"

In the film, the sexual relationship of Alalan and Aragon has made countless fans unforgettable.This play is full of desire and nervousness, bringing unprecedented stimuli to the audience.

3. "Toy Story 3"

The film started the scene of a sexy underwear for his toy underwear on Andy’s birthday.The audience was amazed by this peculiar scene and the tricky thoughts of the nanobby.

4. "Forbidden Room Desire"

The film is completely around the sexy underwear, and the behavior of the protagonists makes the audience feel excited.This film depicts the temptation and charm of sexy underwear in a real and bold way.

5. "Wolf of Wall Street"

In this movie, the heroine Judy wore a black sexy underwear and danced in front of the actor Jordan’s eyes, and the scene was very shocking.This drama has become one of the classic scenes of this film.

6. "King Kong is not bad"

In this movie, the heroine Angelina Jolie wore sexy sexy underwear on the top floor of the steel city, showing her charm and enchanting to the actor.This scene is extremely visually impactful and has become an important part of this film.

7. "Lemon Paradise"

In this movie, the heroine Aixili wore a variety of erotic underwear, showing different styles.She wears more more than once, more than once, becoming the focus of the audience’s attention.

8. "Rose Life"

This film mainly tells the story of the two old couples.Although the film was earlier, the scene of the male and female protagonists also brought great shock and freshness to the audience in the scene of sexy underwear.


The male and female owners wearing sexy underwear have become a trend and expression in the movie.In these new scenes, the audience appreciated a different visual experience from conventional, making the entire movie richer and interesting.This way of expression fully shows the unique charm of sexy underwear, and also allows more people to understand the concept of fashion.

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