Three -point sexy underwear


Interest underwear has always been a hot topic in the fashion industry, and various styles and design have emerged endlessly.In recent years, a chic and cute underwear style has begun to be favored by women -three -point sexy underwear for dumb dairy cows.


Three -point erotic underwear of dumb dairy cows usually consist of jackets, underwear and neck ring.The top of the top consists of two balls, which symbolizes the breasts of the cow; the underwear is the shape of the horns, which can make the hips of women more conspicuous and stylish.The neck circle is the finishing touch of the whole set of sexy underwear, which increases sexy atmosphere.

Color matching

Three -point sexy underwear of dumb dairy cows usually use black and white as the main color, or match the two.Black shows the mystery and sexy of women, while white conveys a sense of innocence and cuteness.Both of the two are both sexy and cute, allowing women to show a multi -face character in sex.

Applicable scene

The three -point erotic underwear for dumb dairy cows is suitable for use in private places.For example, dating, shooting, role -playing, etc. can perfectly integrate women’s sexy and cute characteristics.

With suggestions

Three -point sexy underwear can be paired with black gauze or white stockings to set off the long legs and tall figures of women.In addition, it can be paired with a transparent robe or short jacket to increase the mystery of women.

size selection

Three -point sexy underwear for dumb dairy cows is suitable for women of various figures. The size that can be selected is generally s, m, and L, and the appropriate size is selected according to the personal size and height.


Three -point sexy underwear for dumb dairy cows is generally made of polyester fiber and lace materials. It should be noted that it should be washed by hand when cleaning, and a washing machine should not be used.In terms of maintenance, try to avoid direct sunlight and friction to avoid affecting the appearance and service life.

price range

The price range of three -point sexy underwear between dumb dairy cows is between 100 yuan and 300 yuan, and the price is relatively low, which also increases the desire to buy many women.


In general, the three -point erotic underwear in the dug -in dairy cow is very good in design, color matching, cost -effectiveness, and applicable occasions.Of course, choosing the sexy underwear that is suitable for your body is the most important. I hope that every woman can find the sexy underwear that suits them best.

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