Sexy underwear Japanese brand rankings

Sexy underwear Japanese brand rankings


Japan has a unique culture and technology in sexy underwear, and many brands have a high level in quality and creativity.Next, we will introduce several brands in the Japanese sex underwear market and give the rankings.

1.peach John

Peach John is one of Japan’s most famous sexy underwear brands.It is known for its fashion and sexy design style, and has good quality and cost -effectiveness.From basic styles to different series such as senior women, Peach John’s products are never disappointing.


Wacoal is a historic underwear brand, which has a high reputation in Japan.While maintaining the traditional sexy lingerie series, it is trying to integrate modern elements in design.Wacoal’s sexy underwear focuses on comfort and functionality, bringing good value to customers.


Triumph is a brand from Germany and is still very popular in Japan.Its sex lingerie respects simple and elegant design, while taking into account the unique needs of women.Triumph has found a perfect balance between the comfort and sexuality of sexy underwear.


Compared with the brand introduced earlier, loveless is younger and more avant -garde.Its design is very fashionable and sexy. The burst design and classic elements are definitely the favorite of young women.LOVELESS’s product sales have remained high and have been enthusiastically sought after by young Japanese women.


EMODA is an emerging fashion brand, and its sexy underwear also inherits the brand’s design concept.EMODA’s sexy underwear series is novel and unique, and the price is relatively close to the people. It has great advantages in terms of cost performance.EMODA often launchs many limited edition sexy underwear, which is highly sought after by brand loyal fans.


Ravijour is a more new brand in Japan. It was founded in 2018, but developed rapidly in the field of sexy underwear.Ravijour’s sexy underwear is outstanding, especially for the supporting effect of the chest shape.The brand’s design concept is to allow customers to show women’s charm while comfortable.

7.Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer is a British brand, so its popularity in the Japanese market is not as good as other brands, but its sexy lingerie series is very creative, and its "Pleasure" series is even more impressive.Coco de MER’s sexy lingerie style takes a high -end route. It focuses on luxurious and sexy design. Quality and workmanship are also absolutely top.


Amour is a Japanese brand focusing on sexy underwear.The brand’s design concept is to interpret sexy in a simple way, while trying to lose the softness of women.Amour’s sexy underwear design focuses on the visual curve beauty of women’s bodies, making it easier for people to be intoxicated.

9. Dholic

Dholic is a brand of a group, which has always had high recognition in the Japanese fashion circle.Its sex lingerie series design is more inclined to the occasion, focusing on matching and style setting, whether it is pure and cute or sexy and bold, it can be reflected.Dholic’s sexy underwear is not only clothing, but also a lifestyle.


Aladia is an emerging brand that focuses on creating sexy sexy underwear for young women.The brand’s design concept is smoother and more focused on the sense of rhythm.In addition to the good quality of the product itself, Aladia’s sexy underwear packaging is also very design and artistic.

in conclusion

Japanese sex lingerie brands are highly sought after by women with their high quality, super design sense and diversified style.In addition to the above brands, there are many brands worth recommending in the market. In addition, everyone’s demand for sexy underwear is also different.I hope today’s article can help you better understand the Japanese sexy underwear market to some extent.

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