What is the process of playing with sex underwear

Starting stage

Before starting to discuss the experience of playing sexy underwear, first understand the definition of sexy underwear.It refers to those underwear designed for people to satisfy people’s sexual desire and interest entertainment.In my memory, the early sexy underwear style is monotonous, and the function is relatively simple. It is more regarded as a sexual product.At that time, sexy underwear was just an indescribable thing in my eyes.But in fact, sexy underwear is not only a sex toy, but also a role in burning passion.

Exploration process

With the change of the times, the style of sexy underwear has become more and more diversified, and the desire and experience produced will become more beautiful and colorful.I started to have the idea of solving love underwear, and tried to buy some simple sexy underwear.Although the initial attempt was not very successful, I continued to explore and try.I soon discovered that by choosing the right sexy underwear, I can enjoy more fun in bed in bed.

Understand the basic knowledge

When I acquired sexy underwear, I found that I need to understand several basic knowledge.The first is the material selection of the underwear, and then different underwear styles.If you want to choose your underwear that suits you, you must understand your physical condition and preferences, and at the same time, you must also consider your partner’s physical condition and preference.For example, for friends who like to explore and stimulate, you can choose some specially designed sexy underwear, or some additional colors or textures.

Selection of alternative style

For different needs and preferences, there are many different sexy lingerie styles in the market.For example: lace underwear, tulle underwear, all transparent underwear, bridge underwear, rope underwear, sexy lingerie and so on.When choosing, you must choose according to your body and preferences, and it is best to choose cost -effective products with experience evaluation.

Challenge and continuity

Playing sex underwear is not an easy task. Everyone has different needs and tastes, and there are many places in the way forward.However, as long as you invest enough enthusiasm, patience and experience, in the end you will definitely find a sexy underwear that suits you and feel the surprise and pleasure it brings.

Commercial experience

Like other commercial products, there are many sellers and brands in sex underwear.If you want to buy better sexy underwear, you can pay more attention to some well -known brands, so that you can trust these brands of products more, and also avoid some unnecessary troubles.

Regarding communication with partner

In the process of playing with sex underwear, I think communication with my partner is very important.I found that when my partner and I share my underwear, our relationship became closer.Sometimes sexy underwear allows us to better understand each other, and even some underwear can make us more sexy and attractive.

About a good experience

Don’t make you lose your beautiful experience because of the color, shape or size of sexy underwear.To find those underwear styles that make ourselves feel comfortable, pleasant, relaxed and confident, pay attention to the quality and comfort of the materials, so that we can enjoy life in the process of playing with sex underwear.

Pay attention to safety and hygiene

We must remember to pay attention to safety and hygiene problems when using and cleaning sexy underwear, and choose materials that are easy to clean to protect the health of ourselves and the people around us.At the same time, we must also pay attention to the protection of personal privacy to avoid leaking personal privacy in the process of using or buying sexy underwear.


Various factors must exist in the process of playing with sexy underwear, and these factors can affect our choices and experiences.But if we treat and consume this product rationally, do not blindly follow the trend, and seriously discover the possibility and happiness with the partner. Maybe, sex underwear will not only make you and your partner feel more happiness, but also make you you.Emotional feelings are more stable and exciting.

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