Sexy underwear opening series novels

Sexy underwear opening series novels

1 Introduction

As a sexy underwear expert, I have been paying attention to the development of the sexy underwear industry.In this industry, the opening series are controversial. Some people think they are too exposed, while others think they can increase interest.This article will explore the charm of fun underwear -opening series novels, as well as different types and uses of these underwear.

2. Types of opening underwear

The fun underwear opening series includes a variety of types of underwear, the most common of which are thongs and T -shaped pants.The thong has a small triangle made of filament or film at the hem, which exposes the genitals, while the T -shaped pants only have a thin band at the hem.In addition, there are some strange styles, such as split pants and big feet open crotch pants.

3. The charm of the opening series

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Use the sexy lingerie opening series can increase interest and stimulus.Their main role is to increase the joy and surprise of sexual behavior, and also have a flirting effect.In addition, the opening series can also be used for some role -playing scenes, such as the relationship between servants and masters.

4. Selection of color and material

There are many different colors and materials to choose from.Generally speaking, their color is more bright, and the materials are often special.For example, some open panties are decorated with metal or sequins, and the color is biased towards dark colors such as black and red.

5. Use of the opening series

The fun underwear opening series is suitable for many different occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, sex parties, weddings, etc.In addition, in daily life, if a woman wants to flirt or challenge men, she can also try to put on a pair of open panties.

6. Different body choices

The fun underwear opening series is suitable for various types of body types.Whether you are a slim figure or a plump figure, you have the open panties that are suitable for you.When choosing to open the underwear, you can choose according to your figure and personal preference.

7. Maintenance of opening underwear

In order to ensure the service life of the sexy lingerie, pay attention to their maintenance.First of all, you need to pay attention to hand washing or choosing a laundry bag instead of the washing machine directly.In addition, the texture of the underwear needs to be kept dry and neat when storing, avoiding friction or pressure to damage.

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8. People who are not suitable for the opening series

Although there are a lot of charm of the sexy underwear, it is not suitable for everyone.Those who are infected with private parts, or those who are uncomfortable with exposure, may not be suitable for wearing open panties.In addition, whether you are suitable for wearing open panties or not, you should consider your own physical feelings and health care problems before you wear.

9. Summary

In short, although there are many controversies of the opening series of sexy underwear, there are many enthusiasts.Whether you want to add fun or try freshness, you can try to put on a pair of open panties.However, don’t forget to consider your body and health.

10. End view

The fun underwear opening series can increase interest and stimulus, but it is not suitable for everyone, and should choose carefully under the premise of their bodies and health.