Sexy underwear pattern

Sexy underwear pattern

Sexy underwear pattern

Interest underwear is a type of women’s underwear that attracts women’s interest.Many women like sexy, high -quality and reasonable sexy underwear.The patterns and styles of these underwear are different, so they need to understand their differences in detail to better choose the right one.

1. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is a very popular female underwear.This underwear is made of silk, nylon or cotton -made materials, and the outside is added with lace lace.These lace decorations make the underwear look softer and sexy.

2. Silk erotic underwear

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Silk erotic underwear is also very popular.Silk underwear is excellent, with delicate feel, good breathability, and has a good temperature adjustment effect, which can make women more comfortable and confident.

3. Net yarn sexy underwear

Net yarn sex underwear is a good choice for style and sexy.This underwear allows women to show their sexy and charm.It is highly transparent, so it needs to be paired with other underwear, such as bra or underwear.

4. Perspective sexy underwear

Performing erotic underwear can make the body curve well displayed.This underwear is usually made of transparent or translucent materials. It is considerable and can add a lot to the body.

5. Embroidered sexy underwear

Embroidery and sexy underwear is an artistic underwear.It is usually composed of fine embroidery, which can make underwear more textured and high -end.

6. S three -dimensional feelings fun underwear

A three -dimensional feelings are a very textured underwear.It is usually composed of three -dimensional design, which can make underwear more coordinated in color, shape and decoration.


7. Slim erotic sheets

Setting sexy underwear is a very simple underwear.Its simplicity and pure design make it suitable for daily wear and dress at night, making people feel very comfortable.

8. Switching sexy underwear

Switching sexy underwear can stitch two or more fabrics together to create more style or color matching effects.This underwear allows women to realize their own ideas more freely.


The front buckle sexy underwear is more convenient and easy to wear and take off than the rear buckle, and it can also make the design of the underwear more unique and fashionable.

10. The pattern sexy underwear

The pattern love underwear is an artistic underwear.It is usually based on design elements such as flowers, geometric patterns, or characters. It is a sexy and artistic style female underwear.


In short, sexy underwear has a lot of tricks, and women can choose according to their needs and preferences.When buying sexy underwear, you must not only consider its styles and tricks, but also pay attention to the quality and comfort of the underwear.Choosing the right underwear can make women more confident and charm.