Taobao sex lingerie shop buy video

Taobao sex lingerie shop buy video

With the rise of e -commerce, more and more people choose to shop on Taobao, and Taobao also has many sexy underwear stores.In these stores, there are not only a variety of sexy underwear, but also some erotic videos.This article will introduce how to buy sex videos in Taobao sex underwear stores.

Choose a reputable shop

When choosing a sexy underwear store on Taobao, it is best to choose a more reputable store.You can go to the details of the store to see the reputation score of the store, and you can also view the evaluation of the store, so as to ensure the safety of buying.At the same time, pay attention to whether there are after -sales service and return and exchange services.

Browse video classification

The sex video classification in Taobao sex underwear shop is generally complete.You can browse the classification and choose your favorite video.It should be noted that some videos have certain age restrictions and need to verify whether they meet their own age.

View video description

Before selecting a video, you must look at the description of the video.In the description, there will be information such as video duration, picture quality and other information.If you watch it with your partner, you can also see if it is suitable for both parties.

Watch video preview

There are a certain number of videos in Taobao sex underwear stores, some videos need to pay, and some videos can watch previews.Watching previews can better understand the content of the video and decide whether to buy.

Buy video

After confirming the video you want to buy, click the purchase directly, select the payment method on the payment page for payment.When paying, you must pay attention to verifying the price and quantity, and then pay after confirming it.

Download video

After buying, you can download it through Taobao’s order management page.According to the prompts on the page, download and save the video.

Stocking video

For the purchase of the video, it needs to be stored in a safe place.It is best to store it on a computer or moving hard disk to avoid being discovered by others, causing embarrassment.

Share video

Some couples may want to share the videos they buy, and they need to pay attention to protecting their privacy at this time.It is best to share with friends who trust themselves to avoid being vulnerable.


To buy sex video in Taobao’s sexy underwear store, you need to pay attention to a series of issues such as the reputation score, video classification, video description, and watching video preview.After buying, pay attention to storage and sharing.Overall, it is still safe and convenient for Taobao to buy interesting videos.

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