Taobao shop owner sexy underwear


With the popularity of the sexy underwear market in recent years, more and more Taobao shop owners have begun to get involved in the field of sexy underwear.However, due to the complicated information and various design styles in this field, it is easy to encounter problems for the owners who have just been involved in the field.This article will introduce you from various perspectives to the basic knowledge and skills that the Taobao shop owner’s sex underwear industry needs to understand.

Product purchase

As a sex underwear owner, it is particularly important to choose the right product.When displaying the product, putting under underwear on a suitable occasion can greatly increase the sexyness of the product.Therefore, we must first consider the quality and design of the product, and choose the high quality and uniquely designed sexy underwear as much as possible.


Interest underwear is divided into many types, such as sexy underwear, uniform temptation, SM supplies, role -playing, etc.Different types of underwear are different from people and occasions.Therefore, choose according to market demand and their own experience.

Color matching

The bright color of sexy underwear often allows many people to discourage, so choosing the right color matching is particularly important.Generally speaking, black is the most common color system, and white, red, purple, etc. are also very popular. Because consumers have individual differentiation of color preferences, the owner is better to accurately understand their target crowd preferences, so as to conduct in orderProduct selection and adjustment.

Price setting

The setting of sexy underwear needs to consider multiple factors, including cost, market price, and the consumption power of the target group.To grasp the price and make reasonable profits, we will not drive customers away.At the same time, it is necessary to flexibly adjust accordingly according to market demand.


When describing a sexy underwear, you need to speak briefly, but not to attract customers’ minds.Highlighting the selling point of underwear should use stimulating words to allow consumers to have a strong desire to buy.

Platform selection

Choosing the right platform is one of the important factors of the success of the sex underwear store.Because sexy underwear involves sensitive topics, many e -commerce platforms prohibit the sale of such products.Therefore, when choosing a platform, we must consider the platform’s support, management and protection of sexy underwear.

Packing service

Packaging is one of the important shopkeepers.Proper packaging of sexy underwear can better protect the quality of underwear and improve the atmosphere of customers.Try to avoid too exquisite packaging, otherwise it will allow customers to have unnecessary speculation and adverse associations.

Customer service

Good customer service services are the key to the success of Taobao shop owners.The sales of sexy underwear often encounters various problems raised by buyers.For these questions, the owner needs to answer patiently to allow buyers to gain a good purchase experience and repurchase momentum.

After -sales service

In the special industry of sexy underwear, after -sales service is particularly important.If the quality problem occurs, consumers will complain to the owner. If the owner does not do well in the after -sales service, it will not only lose consumers, but also reduce their reputation and reputation.Therefore, the store mainly responds and solves the problem in a timely manner, and adjusts the after -sales policy in a timely manner according to the response of consumers.


As the owner of a sexy underwear, it is the most critical to seize the development of the times and pay attention to the quality of products and services.No matter which field you are, quality and service will affect your sales and reputation.Only by grasping these two cores can we be recognized and praised by consumers, and then obtain benign sales growth and business expansion.

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