The goddess wears sexy underwear and slowly takes off

As a goddess, have you wore sexy underwear?

On the one hand, the aesthetics of a woman comes from wearing, and on the other hand.The temptation of erotic underwear is really great. When you put on it, you will feel full of mystery and temptation.In addition to the dazzling colors and shapes, what is more important is how to match the body style.Next, we will introduce you step by step how to choose and wear sexy underwear.

Step 1: Know your body style

It is crucial to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your own style. Different body styles need different styles to present beauty.If you have full chest and hips, you can choose a close -fitting corset and sexy briefs; if you are sloppy, you can choose a lace bag hip underwear with a deep V bra; if you are a sports woman, you can choose to emphasize flatnessThe bellyband and low -waist underwear of the abdominal line emphasize a beautiful body curve.

Step 2: Choose the color that suits you

Choosing the color that suits you is also the focus of sexy underwear. The dazzling color will make you full of dynamic and fashionable sense, and the soft color will make you more mysterious and charming.The dark colors and red are the most common and popular colors. Sexy black and red make you more attractive when you reunite.If you like soft routes, pale pink, light blue and gray are all good choices.

Step 3: Choose the right material

The material of sexy underwear is also a factor that needs to be considered when choosing.Materials with good breathability and comfort are the most important, and lace and gauze are good choices.If you need to strengthen the pressure and gather effect, then hard plastic and metal should be your best choice because they can help you present a perfect body curve.

Step 4: How to wear sexy underwear

The correct way of dressing and skills allows you to show your body curve more perfectly.First ensure that the size of the underwear is appropriate, and the underwear should not be too loose.

When putting on a bra, first adjust the buttons and straps in the middle of the bra to a relatively wide condition, and then fix the bra to the chest. The shoulder strap and strap cannot be too tight or loose.When putting on underwear, pay attention to the position and pressure of the waist circumference.If the underwear you choose has a strap, then you need to ensure that it will not be on the skin, and you need to choose the appropriate size.

Step 5: How to take off the erotic lingerie elegantly

Beautiful sexy underwear will definitely make you feel happy, but you also need to pay attention to skills and order when taking off your underwear.First of all, when taking off the bra, the button should be relaxed and take the chest out of the cup.The underwear can fade the pants waist first, then slowly slide to the ankle, and then gently fade away.

Step 6: How to maintain my sexy underwear

Maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important. The conventional approach is to wash it with hand to avoid washing or exposed to the use of washing machines.Do not choose to bleach and chlorine -containing components, and do not use hot water when rinse with warm water.

Step 7: How to wear sexy underwear on the right occasion

Wearing sexy underwear on the right occasion can make you more outstanding and beautiful.When you spend time with the other half with the other half, you can choose a soft lace style; at the moment of passion, you can choose a deep V -see -through sexy underwear to burn passion and enhance the atmosphere.

Step 8: How to better match sexy underwear

Matching is another way to present your charm.Correct matching can better show your beauty and charm.When wearing a see -through underwear, you may wish to choose a rich color or a deep V in a darker skirt; if you choose a deep V and close -up corset, you can use short skirts and high heels to enhance your temperament and figure.


The charm of sexy underwear comes from its mystery, beauty and sexy. Each woman can shape her beauty and charm through the correct choice and match.When wearing a sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the choice of style, color, material and size. At the same time, you must master the correct dressing and take off to maintain it as much as possible.The correct occasions and matching methods are also the key to wearing sexy underwear.I hope this article will help you and make you a confident and beautiful woman.

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