The latest large size sexy underwear

With the progress of society, large -size sex lingerie is also more and more popular with women.However, due to the lack of large -size styles in the market, some plump women are discouraged.In fact, underwear that suits you can not only make yourself more confident, but also escort your health.This article introduces you the latest large -size sexy underwear, so that plump women can also experience beauty and sexy.

1. Material selection

The material of the underwear directly affects the comfort and safety of wearing.It is generally recommended that the material of large -size sex underwear should be selected from the fiber material that absorbs and breathable, soft and does not stimulate the skin, such as cotton, Modal, silk, etc.In addition, pay attention to the jewelry and lace on the underwear, you should choose the texture of wear -resistant and difficult to fade.

Second, style selection

Different figures should choose a style that suits you.For hourglass -type figure, you can choose the extended style to transform into a slim waist. For Apple -shaped figure, you can choose the style that can stretch the legs of the legs and pay attention to increasing the chest lines.

Third, bras design

For big breasts, it is important to find a suitable underwear.It is recommended to choose bras with supporting support, which can support the chest and play a lot.For small breasts, you can choose the design of inflatable, pads to achieve full effect.

Fourth, texture design

The texture of the large -size sex lingerie cannot be ignored.If someone likes a simpler texture, you can choose a solid color style, and women who like patterns can choose printed, embroidery and other styles to give people a visual beauty and perfect experience.

Five, shoulder strap design

The shoulder strap is an important part of underwear. Different shoulder straps can bring different sexy effects to women.For example, the physical and sexy Cross Bra, which means that wearing people’s hands will be bound to the back, creating a charming exotic style.

Six, color selection

Color is equally important for the choice of underwear.It is recommended to choose the style of warm -colored and light -colored tones such as pink, nude pink, beige, white blue, etc., which are softer and natural.If you want to make yourself look taller, you can choose black and dark blue, and visually extend your body.

Seven, personalized design

For women who like special, you can also choose a personalized design large -size sexy underwear, such as special materials and accessories.Use mesh or velvet material, bow, beads, etc., can make women more personalized.

Eight, price and brand

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can choose some more affordable brands, but you must ensure that the materials and quality are high.Some high -end brands may provide better high -end underwear options.


Large -size sex lingerie has now become a representative of fashion. Women suitable for different figures can find the style that suits them in their own underwear choices.When you are more confident and positive, experiencing the beauty of life will make yourself happy.At the same time, wearing a suitable sexy underwear will not only add points to your image, but also to ensure good health, so dear, hurry up to choose a suitable set of large -size sexy underwear for yourself!

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