The sexy underwear made by myself

Make sexy underwear by yourself to make life more interesting

Interest underwear is an unusual feeling that can bring people’s unusual feelings and can attract the interest of the other half.However, the sexy lingerie in the market is limited and the price is relatively high. Therefore, making sexy underwear by yourself is a good choice.

Choose the right material

The first step to make sexy underwear is to choose the right material.When selecting materials, you should also consider whether the material is soft, breathable, comfortable, and harmless to the skin.

Prepare the necessary tools

In addition to materials, it is necessary to prepare necessary tools for making sexy underwear, such as sewing machines, scissors, needle wires, angle, and needle.Make sure that these tools can accurately measure the size, cut and sew underwear.


One of the important advantages of making sexy underwear is that you can customize according to your body size and fit.Use angle and ruler to accurately measure the body size of yourself or the other half, so as to get a perfect and personal sexy underwear.

Choose the right color, style and design

Another important step is to choose the right color, style and design.Colors and styles are very important, because this is a message you want to convey through sexy underwear.Design is also important because it determines the appearance of the underwear, especially the choice of fabrics, which can make your sexy underwear more sexy.

Strengthen the key parts

The comfort and durability of sexy underwear are related to key areas. You need to carefully suture and encrypt key parts, such as bra cups, hems, and shoulder straps, so that the underwear can have better support and longer service life.

Do not leak the bottom line

In the process of making sexy underwear, make sure not to let the underwear leak the bottom line and keep sufficient obstruction to avoid inappropriate conditions when trying on.

Keep labor and safety

When making sexy underwear, remember to maintain good labor safety.Pay attention to the safety operations when using scissors and sewing machines to protect your hands and eyes so as not to be injured.

Enjoy the fun of making fun underwear

Making sexy underwear is an interesting thing. Not only can you try new styles and designs, but also increase your handmade skills.Enjoying the process of making fun underwear is an experience worth trying.

Put on your handmade sexy underwear

Finally, put on your own sexy underwear to show your beauty and sexy.Try to add your creativity and design to it, you will be surprised and satisfied with your own and the other half.

in conclusion

It may take more time and energy to make sexy underwear by yourself, but this is an interesting activity that allows you to understand yourself more, enhance your confidence, and bring unusual surprises to your life.Of course, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can also buy some sexy underwear you like.In short, it is the most important thing to make your life more interesting!

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