There are sexy underwear in the street of Chongqing

There are sexy underwear in the street of Chongqing

With the development of society, sex products have become more and more popular. Among them, love underwear, as one of the important part of sex products, is sought after by female consumers.So, what streets can there be sexy sexy underwear in Chongqing?Let’s take a look together.

Paragraph 1: Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is one of the most prosperous commercial streets in Chongqing. There are not only various branded clothing stores, jewelry shops, but also various sexual products stores.Among them, the main products of some sexy shops are sexy underwear.If you want to buy sexy underwear on the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street, you can go to shops such as "flower and honey" and "Shengyi".

Paragraph 2: Hongya Dongfu Street

Hongya Dongbu Street is a great ancient town in Chongqing. It is preserved in ancient Chongqing buildings and folk culture.At the same time, this is also a cultural tourist attraction in Chongqing, which attracted a large number of tourists to visit shopping.In the sex shop in Hongya Dongbu Street, you can also find various styles of sexy underwear.

Paragraph 3: Jiefangbei Night Market

In order to meet the needs of night shopping, Jiefangbei Night Market came into being.Many hawkers are gathered here, and the stalls are full of various products, including sexual products stores.You can find some sexy lingerie with relatively affordable prices here.

Paragraph 4: Nanping Pedestrian Street

Nanping Pedestrian Street is another commercial block in Chongqing.The types of stores here are relatively complete, including sexual products stores.If you want to buy sexy underwear on Nanping Pedestrian Street, you can go to shops such as "Kangbier" and "Be careful".

Paragraph 5: Jiangbei CBD

Jiangbei District is a new commercial district in Chongqing. A large number of high -end shopping malls and brand stores are gathered here.At the same time, you can also find many high -end sexy lingerie styles in the sex shop of Jiangbei CBD, such as French lace, European and American styles, etc.

Paragraph 6: Bashu City

Bashu City is a well -known shopping center in Chongqing. The brands and products here are rich.In Bashu City’s sexy shops, you can also find many high -end sexy lingerie, suitable for consumers who like quality.

Paragraph 7: Jiangjin Pedestrian Street

Jiangjin Pedestrian Street is a historical and cultural district in Chongqing. It is preserved in ancient architecture and style.You can find some sexy shops on Jiangjin Pedestrian Street, including shops selling sexy underwear.

Paragraph 8: South Bank Square

South Bank Square is one of the well -known shopping malls in Chongqing. There are a large number of international brands and high -end products.In the sexual products store in South Bank Square, you can find many new styles and fashionable sexy underwear.

Paragraph 9: Beiyi Business District

The Beijiao Commercial District is a shopping mall in Chongqing. The types and brands here are rich.At the same time, you can also buy various types of sexy underwear in the sexy shops of Beibei Business District, such as lace, silk models, etc.

Paragraph 10: Yonghui Supermarket

Yonghui Supermarket is one of the well -known supermarket brands in China. There are many Yonghui supermarkets in Chongqing.If you want to buy sexy underwear in a relatively hidden and unsatisfactory place, you can go to the sexual supplies area of Yonghui Supermarket. There are also many good -looking lingerie styles here.

in conclusion:

In short, in Chongqing, you can buy beautiful and good quality sexy underwear in many places.Choose underwear that is suitable for your own style and quality level, and maintain good wearing habits in order to better show the charm and confidence of women.

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