The world’s largest sexy jacket

The world’s largest sexy jacket

For sexy underwear enthusiasts, the size is not the most charming.However, if you really want to stand out, it is definitely a good idea to have the largest sexy underwear in the world.Below we will introduce the world’s largest sexy underwear.

Giant’s sexy underwear

This sexy lingerie is produced in Germany. It is called "Big Beautiful". It is the world’s largest sexy underwear in the world, which can adapt to 99 % of women’s body shapes.


This sexy underwear is made of four layers of soft fabrics. The lining is pure cotton texture, without irritation, and strong breathability.The outer layer is a smooth silk with two layers of cotton pads in the middle, so that the underwear wraps the female body in a soft way.At the same time, there is a large pocket on the side of the underwear that can be placed.

Color and pattern

This sexy underwear shows a unique background and pattern. Its design is inspired by nature, exuding natural beauty and charm.

Function and purpose

This erotic underwear can not only be worn at a carnival or makeup ball, but also can be played with partners on Valentine’s Day.In addition, this sexy underwear is also a perfect swimming underwear.If you like it, you can even show this sexy underwear as a artwork.


The entire size of this sexy underwear is 1.6 meters high, 3.2 meters wide.It weighs about 30 kilograms and the price is expensive, but if you want to make the world’s largest sexy underwear belong to you, then the price is worth it.

Collection value

Because of its uniqueness and unprecedented scale, many sexy underwear collectors regard it as a treasure.In addition to this unparalleled sexy underwear, these collectors also collect some unique design and historic sexy underwear.

Hot sales

This sexy underwear is popular in Germany because people are interested in the story it created.This sexy underwear requires 16 people to complete production.During the manufacturing process, every manufacturing process should pay attention to details to ensure that each underwear meets the highest standard.This manufacturing process takes two months.


For sexy underwear enthusiasts, it is a cool thing to have the greatest sexy underwear.Although the price is expensive, collectors are willing to pay for it.Whether you are looking for a fun role -playing clothing or if you want to have a unique artwork, this sexy underwear can meet your needs.

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