There is a hole novel in the middle of the sexy underwear

There is a hole novel in the middle of the sexy underwear

Falling underwear is a mysterious and sexy clothing, but how do you feel when you choose the style of sexy underwear to join the hole?Here are a hole novel in the middle of the sexy underwear.

1. Understand the hole in the hole

The size and quantity of holes in sex underwear are different.There are some small holes in the design, and some designs are relatively large holes. These holes can enlarge the temptation of the body.Some erotic underwear are also equipped with socks or gloves, which can extend the holes to socks or gloves.

2. Sexy and mysterious coexistence

The holes are rich in design, with both sexy side and a little looming mystery.Use a hole in the design to break the ultimate sexy of the entire underwear, while adding some sexy and mysterious atmosphere to enhance the temptation.

3. How to wear holes underwear

Wearing pore underwear is not easy to control.You also need to pay attention to whether the position of the hole is in line with the body, otherwise it will feel uncoordinated.The two bands of the underwear hem can firmly fix the underwear on the body.Coupled with the right high heels to increase the dazzling degree of underwear.

4. Choose a hole underwear that suits you

For open underwear, it is recommended to choose a style that suits you.The smaller the holes, even if the effect is not so direct, it can still cover some parts and it still looks very sexy.The large pores will look strange, and at the same time, it can also show the curve beauty of the body more directly.

5. The time of wearing hole underwear

There is no problem to go home in hole underwear or wear on specific occasions, but you need to consider cautiously in public clothes in public.Therefore, to a certain extent, grasp the moderate degree of wearing, so that pore underwear can highlight women’s beauty and sexy.

6. Comfort cannot be ignored

Pay attention to comfort when choosing holes underwear, and consider wearing choices.The production materials of holes underwear should consider comfort, so as not to feel uncomfortable during wearing.At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning method to ensure the cleanliness and comfort of the underwear.

7. More various options

There are also some sexy underwear to customize the position and size of the hole according to your needs, as well as the style of the entire underwear.There are also some holes of underwear with lace decoration and embroidery, tassel and beads, adding a unique personality to the underwear to enhance the temptation.

8. Personalized choice

Pole underwear is a manifestation of sexy and mysterious symbiosis, and it also has a unique atmosphere and feeling in sex.However, whether to choose hole underwear, and the style and material of the underwear depends on personal needs and preferences.Choosing the cave underwear style carefully can better play the sexy value of the underwear.

Viewpoint: Cave underwear has diversity and personalized choices. You can show your charm and sexy through appropriate styles and methods.However, when wearing, you also need to consider the occasion and personal comfort in order to better show the charm of holes.

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