Wear sex underwear and courier

Confidence in sexy underwear

Many women want to show their beautiful posture in bed, so they choose to buy sexy underwear.This kind of underwear is often very special when designing, especially those who are transparent and bare -chest, but when wearing these underwear and meeting the courier, how do I get myself?

Strive to stay calm when walking

When wearing a sexy lingerie, you may worry that others will notice the special model of underwear you wear.If you encounter a courier or other passers -by, remember to keep calm.Don’t show too unnatural, because you wear sexy underwear is your choice, you don’t need to worry about others’ opinions.

Don’t talk actively

When the courier or others notice that you are wearing a sexy underwear, they will blush or even ashamed.At this time, it is best not to speak actively because it may make the other party more embarrassing.If the other party wants to ask, you can also answer simply.

No need to cover up

When wearing a sexy underwear, don’t try to cover your body or sexy.If you want to wear sexy lingerie, you must fully realize that this is a sexy charm.So don’t feel uncomfortable to cover up your sexy.

Choose the right occasion to wear

Just like choosing to dress, wearing sexy underwear also requires a suitable occasion.Proper use can make you add some interesting changes between bed and partner.But in public, do not show it at will and maintain a respect.

Choose the right coat

If you don’t want to be noticed by others because of wearing sexy underwear, you can choose the right coat.For example, a long shirt or loose T -shirt will not only affect sexy secrets, but even make you look more mysterious and charming.

Choose the right bottom pants

In addition to coats, it is also very important to choose the right bottom pants.If you choose thin underwear, it is easy to expose the private parts, but it will make you feel uncomfortable.We can choose a beautiful and comfortable underwear when wearing sexy underwear.

Don’t affect the work of others

When the courier enters your vision, it is best not to show too much.Make sure that it will not affect work and communication, making the other party feel uncomfortable.Maintaining nature and humility can gain the respect of others best.

Always remind yourself

When wearing sexy underwear, remind yourself to respect others, self -esteem and self -confidence.Although you may feel nervous and even embarrassed, this is just a normal response of humans.As long as you maintain confidence and good attitude, you can always wear sexy underwear to show your best figure.


Wearing erotic underwear should not make people feel uncomfortable or unnatural. On the contrary, we should wear with a positive attitude and confidence.Only with your own wishes, you should share and show with others to let them see the other side of your sexy energy.

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