Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend angry

Wearing a sexy underwear boyfriend angry

Wearing sexy sexy underwear can increase women’s confidence and charm, but sometimes it may cause her boyfriend’s dissatisfaction and anger.What should I do if your boyfriend is angry because you wear sexy underwear?

Know the boyfriend’s concern

First of all, understand the boyfriend’s concerns.My boyfriend may worry that you wear sexy underwear to attract the attention of other men, or feel that your dress is too exposed.At this time, you need to listen patiently and communicate with him to let him understand your intentions.

Pay attention to occasions and time

Pay attention to the occasions and time of wearing sex underwear.In order to avoid being angry with her boyfriend, pay attention to choosing the right occasion and time.For example, in private occasions at home, or special occasions (such as Valentine’s Day), wearing sexy underwear will be more suitable.

Respect the boyfriend’s opinion

If your boyfriend has an opinion on you, you can try not to wear or try other wearing styles.In the process, we must respect the opinions of my boyfriend, and do not use indifference and ridicule to deal with his concerns and ideas.

Explain your intentions

If your boyfriend doesn’t understand your intentions of wearing sexy underwear, you can explain it appropriately to let him understand your thoughts and original intentions.Tell him this is a way to increase self -confidence and regulate emotions, to increase your taste and passion.

Starting point

In the process of explanation, you can propose a joint starting point for you and your boyfriend.For example, you all want to increase interest and passion, so that he can understand that your thoughts are consistent, not for his resentment and dissatisfaction.

Fully communicate

It is necessary to resolve the contradictions and dissatisfaction of both parties through full communication.In the process of communication, we must respect the other party’s ideas and opinions, consider the problem from the perspective of the other party, and maintain a peaceful attitude and tone, do not lose your temper or quarrel.

Some surprises and care for your boyfriend

If your boyfriend still has some dissatisfaction and concerns about you in sexy underwear, you can also give him some surprises and care.For example, wearing a underwear that is not very exposed but the same sexy, surprise him.

Keep a sense of distance

In the process of solving contradictions, maintain a sense of distance.Don’t be too strong, don’t be too strong.To maintain balance and give each other enough respect and space.

in conclusion

Wearing a sex underwear is a great thing that can increase self -confidence and charm, but if my boyfriend is angry, we need to have patience and wisdom to deal with it.By fully communicating and understanding, we can effectively resolve contradictions and make your relationship more stable and beautiful.

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