Where to sell sex underwear to promote

Where to sell sex underwear to promote

In today’s market, sexy underwear has become more and more common. After all, such products have a large market.However, there are still difficulties in advertising and sales.This article will introduce you how to promote sex underwear and provide solutions.

Start with social media

Social media is the simplest, cheapest and most effective options.It does not cost a lot of money to sell and advertise.Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms are not only widely used, but also very high quality users.The pictures and videos of the product here are extraordinary attractive, and it is easy for people to notice your sexy underwear brand.


Blogs can introduce relevant products and guide customers to understand many aspects and uses of the product.Blogs can advertise with other websites in a critical period to increase brand awareness and purchase rate.

Word of mouth is important

In the business field, word of mouth can be very important.For example, it is easier for customers to be trusted and purchased by customers with good reputation.Therefore, the key to the after -sales after -sale is to pay attention to the buyer.Meeting the wishes of customers, and solving the after -sales problem in a timely manner has great benefits to improving the company’s word of mouth.

Weibo and WeChat public account

Similar to revealing some promotional discounts and new previews.Weibo and WeChat public accounts are China’s best -selling Internet tools, providing traffic and customers.This is also a good way to advocate sexy underwear.

Alliance with related industries

We can jointly sell and advertise with the same industry.For example, "Our sexy underwear has been inspected and reputable verification by other industries." The key is to find complementarity, rather than a coincidence partner.


Participating in industry competitions and winning awards will also increase product reputation and trend sharing.After getting the award, you can add the award -winning badge to your own store and official website to let more people know your interesting underwear brand.

Airport advertising position

Shopping at the airport can become an interactive shopping experience.The shopping experience in the airport allows passengers to notice the characteristics of the product and further contact and impress.

TV advertisement

Traditional advertisements are a very marketing method. Advertising on TV brings the audience into a few seconds of business, which can intuitively convey specific information and attract more attention and attention.

promoting event

Promotion and discounts attract consumers’ attention, so you can use external activities, such as holiday promotion and online day.In this way, you can also use social media to promote activities on different platforms.


Overall, it is relatively easy to promote sexy underwear.Whether it is promoting in social media, promoting advertising in blog and TV advertising, or methods such as alliance sales cooperation or participation in competitions, it will help increase brand awareness and greatly attract consumers’ attention.

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