Which is the best of thongs and sexy underwear


Summer has arrived, and many sexy women have begun to wear thongs and sexy underwear. These two underwear can show the charm and sexy of women.But when choosing underwear, many people will find that thongs and sexy underwear are very popular. I don’t know how to choose.So, is it good for thong, or is it good for sex underwear?


If you want to show a higher degree of sexy, sexy underwear is a better choice.Because the purpose of sexy underwear design is to show the sexy of women.Although thongs can make women more sexy, its sexy level is not as high as sexy underwear.


In terms of comfort, thong is better than sexy underwear.Because thongs are usually made of soft fabrics, and its design is more concise and more natural and comfortable to wear.Interest underwear is usually made of lace. Although it is sexy, it is not as comfortable as thongs.

Wearing occasion

If you want to show sexy in daily life, thong is a better choice.Through pants are a kind of underwear that is very suitable for daily life, it makes you feel comfortable in all aspects of your body.Sex underwear is suitable for certain specific occasions, such as dating and romantic nights.


From the point of view of the purchase price, thong is cheaper than sex underwear.The production cost of thong is relatively low, so its price is lower than that of sexy underwear.The fabrics and design used in sex underwear are more complicated, resulting in higher costs.

Style selection

The choice of thongs and sexy underwear is very rich.Different brands and styles have their own unique design styles and characteristics, which can be selected according to their preferences and needs.

Way of matching

Through pants can be paired with various tops, such as T -shirts, shirts, and so on.Most of the sexy underwear is worn alone, which is not suitable for underwear as daily life.Therefore, if you want to wear in daily life, thong is a better choice.

Difficulty in maintenance

In terms of difficulty in maintaining, thong pants are easier to maintain than sex underwear.Thong pants are usually made of cotton or silk fabrics, which are very easy to clean and maintain.And sexy underwear uses more complex fabrics and design, which requires more carefully cleaning and maintenance.

Age range

The age range of the suitable population of thongs is wide.Both young girls and middle -aged women can wear it.But sexy underwear is more suitable for young women.

Suitable for body type

Both thongs and sexy underwear can show women’s body advantages.However, if you are a fat woman, then thong may not be very suitable for you.The design of sexy underwear reflects the beautiful curve of women.


In terms of various factors, thongs and sexy underwear have their own advantages and disadvantages.Therefore, you can choose according to your needs and occasions, choose the style of underwear suitable for you, and show your sexy and charm.

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