Who knows that sexy underwear knows


Interest underwear is a special clothing that can enhance personal sexy charm. It can not only make women more confident, but also enhance emotions, so that the other half likes the sexy charm of its performance more.But do you know who invented the sexy underwear?This article will reveal the history of sexy underwear for you.

The origin of sexy underwear

The origin of sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient times. At that time, people wore sexy gauze on the bed to increase sexual interest.However, these soft clothes are not regarded as underwear.

Inventor of modern sex lingerie

The inventor of modern sex underwear is a American woman named Catherine Drassi. She founded the famous Victoria’s secret brand and brought "sexy underwear" into the mainstream consumer market.

Sex underwear type

Interest underwear is not limited to low -cut tight bras and sexy underwear. It also includes a variety of types, such as G string, jumpsuit, cheongsam -style pajamas, vests, etc.

Falling underwear materials and design

Sex underwear usually uses soft materials, such as silk, lace and gauze. At the same time, they will also be designed in particular, such as hollowed out parts or lace lace.

Fun underwear function

In addition to increasing charm, sexy underwear can also be used for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary and birthday to help people feel romantic and sexual taste.

Sexy underwear and gender characters

Interesting underwear is not only exclusive to women, men can also wear sexy underwear to show their charm.This trend has gradually become popular in recent years and has received more and more support.

Interests of underwear and sexual health

The wearing of sexy underwear does not affect sexual health, but it should be noted that when buying, you should choose the style of breathable and ergonomic engineering to ensure the comfort and safety of the wear.

The development trend of sexy underwear

As people’s open mentality and understanding of sex gradually deepen, the sexy underwear market will continue to expand.At the same time, continuous research and development and innovation will bring more design and material options to sexy underwear.


Interest underwear is a special clothing that can enhance personal sexy charm, enhance emotions, and create beautiful memories. It can be regarded as a sexual medium and can be regarded as an emotional expression.Whenever you choose a sexy underwear that suits you, it is a wonderful thing to brag to show your charm bravely.

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