Why do men want to wear sexy underwear

Why do men want to wear sexy underwear

Men’s obsession with sexy underwear is well known.They always want their partners to wear sexy sexy underwear, but why do men have a soft spot for sexy underwear?The following is eight reasons for the analysis of men’s fascination with sexy underwear.

1. Improve sexual attraction

A woman wearing sexy lingerie is always more sexy and charming than a woman wearing ordinary underwear.Men like women to wear sexy sexy underwear because it can improve women’s sexual attractiveness and make them more attractive attention.

2. Enhanced sexual experience

Men want their sex experience to become more exciting and interesting.Women wearing sexy underwear can provide a new irritating experience, making men more passionate, excited and satisfied.

3. Show the body

Interest underwear is a way to make women show their shape and beautiful curve.Men like sexy underwear because it allows them to appreciate the figure of women, thereby enhancing attractiveness.

4. Express female charm

Women who wear sexy underwear can show their feminine charm and confidence.For men, this self -confidence is very attractive.

5. Increasing sexual fantasy

Women wearing sexy underwear can make men have more sexual fantasies.Sex underwear allows men’s brain to have more sexual imagination, thereby increasing their excitement and satisfaction.

6. Improve the quality of love

Women in sexy underwear make men feel that women pay more attention to their appearance and beauty.This emphasis on their own performance will also be reflected in their sex.Men like sexy underwear because it can improve the quality of sex between them and women.

7. More joy and happiness

Interest underwear allows men to feel more joy and happiness.This happiness is because men can feel the joy and happiness of women, so as to gain more satisfaction of sex.

8. Improve self -confidence

For men, seeing their partners in sexy underwear will make them feel very special and increase their self -confidence.This sense of security and self -confidence will be further reflected in sex.

in conclusion

In short, men like sexy underwear because it can improve sexual attractiveness, enhance sexual experience, show figures, express female charm, increase sexual fantasy, improve the quality of love, bring more joy and happiness, improve self -confidence, etc.reason.However, men should know that for women, they also need their own wishes and moods to wear sexy underwear. By the way, it is true love and sex.

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