Why are you embarrassed to wear sexy underwear

Why are you embarrassed to wear sexy underwear


Falling underwear is a mysterious and sexy clothing, but wearing sexy underwear is a difficult thing to make people open.So why do we feel embarrassed to wear sexy underwear?

Social norms

It is easy to violate social norms in sexual underwear.We usually wear more conservative clothes in public, and wearing erotic underwear means exposing our body curve and skin.This is easy to make people feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.

Women’s body self -consciousness

Women wearing erotic underwear emphasized the self -confidence and self -awareness of their bodies, which is often unbearable for some unconfident women.They will feel that they are not beautiful and sexy enough, and they may be unnatural even between the stand -in and partners.


There are still stigma problems in sexy underwear.Some people think that people who wear fun underwear are coquettish and frivolous, and this impression will make some women avoid it.They will feel the gossip object in other populations, which affects their wearing decisions.

Inherent thinking

It is also one of the reasons for people’s inherent concepts of sexy underwear.The education and values we receive in the process of growth may have a negative impact on us on sex underwear.Some traditional concepts believe that women wear sexy underwear are immoral and inappropriate, and this idea limits their thinking and behavior habits.

Gender sterection impression

The wearing of sexy underwear will also be regarded as women’s clothing.This stereotype will make men think of adverse motivation such as sexual assault in sexy underwear.This problem further deepened women’s dilemma in sexy lingerie.


It is easy to have discomfort after wearing sexy underwear.Because sexy underwear focuses on sexy and beautiful, many design does not consider the comfort of wearing.Improper wear can cause discomfort such as friction or oppression, which also makes people unwilling to choose sexy underwear.

Need self -confidence and courage

Wearing erotic underwear requires women with sufficient confidence and courage, which is also an advanced dressing choice to some extent.It is necessary to overcome the pressure of genes, social, and physical itself.Interest underwear is not familiar with every woman, and some women have never even tried.

Different brands and size differences

Different brands and different sizes will be different for the cutting and design of sexy underwear.For some people, finding a sexy underwear that suits you is a very expensive thing.Sometimes you need to try a few brands and styles to find your favorite styles and size.

Consumption and purchase method

Although sexy underwear is a relatively special and personalized clothing, its consumption power and purchase method are different from ordinary clothing.The pricing and transaction methods of sexy underwear often make people feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, which has also become one of the reasons why some people are unwilling to try sex underwear.


Throughout the above, we can find that we are embarrassed to wear sex underwear mainly from cultural, moral and psychological problems.We need to break the previous puppets and redefine our own way of choice.At the same time, we also need more channels and methods to convey the charm and attractiveness of sexy underwear.

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