Wife lives with the owner of a sexy underwear store

1. Encounter

In a sunny morning, a middle -aged man in a casual outfit walked into a sex underwear shop. The middle -aged man was the owner of the shop.He noticed that a woman walking into the shop, compared to other customers, the woman’s movements and eyes were keen and curious.

2. The beginning of cohabitation

This woman is Nina, and she is a wife who is in an unemployed.When she asked the boss about underwear about a certain style, the two talked happily, and then the boss provided her with some jobs.Nina accepted the job and decided to live in the same room with the boss to save some rent.

3. The atmosphere of temptation

Over time, Nina found that she had a deeper understanding of sexy underwear and began to like this job more and more.The boss gradually felt good about her, and often created some temptation atmosphere, such as ambiguous twin -style language, beautiful music and fragrant candles.

4. Passionate confession

Once, the boss took the initiative to confess to Nina, and Nina accepted his feelings.They decided to live together and started a enthusiastic relationship.The boss often brings back sex underwear to help her try new styles and styles, so that her sensuality is fully satisfied.

5. Yao XIII Exploration

Nina found that there were many strange items she had never been in contact with in the entire shop, such as vibers, jumping eggs and simulation penis.She began to be interested in these toys and explored some legendary "Yao Penalties" and other fancy tricks with her boss.

6. Try bravery

Nina is more and more assured and boldly trying new toys and tricks, as if she can always find a new feeling.The boss often gives encouragement and suggestions, and the relationship between them has gradually upgraded to a level of even a bit perverted.

7. Differential Snow Broken Bridge Snow

In this humid, coquettish, and challenging self -interesting life, the time has changed, and the relationship between the boss and Nina has a crack.They are unwilling to separate, but they can’t live as harmonious as before.They chose to separate to continue their lives.

8. Echo of memory

Many years later, Nina had once again had her own life. However, the owner of the sexy underwear shop and their past interesting life left her a lot of good memories, making her always unforgettable.

in conclusion

Everyone has the right to determine their sexual orientation and sexual lifestyle.Although the relationship between the owner of the sex underwear shop and Nina is not accepted by the public, the love, mutual guidance and satisfaction between them make their lives colorful.Sex is natural and normal, and who has sex with everyone should be independently decided by everyone.

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