Women’s erotic underwear open stall conjoined

Women’s erotic lingerie opening conjunction: the perfect combination of sexy and practicality

In order to meet the needs of different women, more and more erotic lingerie brands have begun to launch various styles of open -stalls.This underwear is different from traditional sexy underwear, which is more practical and not sexy.Below, we will discuss the eight types and characteristics of women’s sexy underwear.

I. The exquisite and transparent open -stall connective

The exquisitely translucent open -stalls are made of lace, transparent gauze and other materials, which make the wearer’s skin looming and increased the sexy atmosphere.At the same time, the opening design makes this sexy underwear more practical.

II. Fairy -like butterfly elves -type opening conjoined

The butterfly elf -type open -stall and sexy underwear are a fairy -like design. The transparent materials and exquisite lace lace make the whole underwear look lighter and elegant.The opening design allows this underwear to be practical and sexy.

III. Leather Wild Facial Open Conjunction

The leather wild -type opening connective emphasizes sexy, and at the same time takes into account practicality.This underwear is made of imitation leather, with a unique sense of luxury. At the same time, it uses an opening design, allowing the wearer to enjoy sexy and easy to use.

IV. Diamond shining type opening conjoined

The rhinestone shining open -stall conjoosure is decorated with high -end rhinestones and beads, making this underwear more shiny and luxurious.The opening design makes the underwear not only for appreciation, but also very practical.

V. Opening connective with a bellyband design

The opening of the stall with a bellyband connecting the sexy underwear, using a style design similar to a bikini swimsuit, has a wide bellyband, and is also paired with the opening design, so that the wearer can make various things more conveniently while maintaining sexy.Essence

Vi. Disassembly of the shoulder strap

The opening of the shoulder strap with the disassembly of the shoulder -to -body sexy underwear adopts a removable shoulder strap design, so that the wearer can choose the usage of the shoulder strap at will, which increases the practicality of the underwear.At the same time, this underwear still maintains sexy.

Vii. Warm -keeping connective

The warm -up -keeping stall has a warm material and opening design, which is suitable for wearing in the cold winter.Using the opening design, it can also easily enjoy sex under the romantic candlelight.


Young and fashionable open -stalls have a young and stylish design style. The color is bright and unique.Adopting the opening design and close -fitting style perfectly shows the beautiful figure of young women.

The conclusion of women’s sex lingerie opening conjunction:

Women’s erotic lingerie opening conjunction is a sexy and practical sexy underwear.It uses the opening design to make the wearer more convenient in sex, and at the same time maintain the sexy degree of traditional sexy underwear.Depending on different needs, women can choose different types of open -stalls with sexy underwear to meet their unique needs and preferences.

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