Yoshizawa Step Fairy Underwear Cover

Yoshizawa Step Fairy Underwear Cover

Yoshizawa is an outstanding Japanese AV actress who has won the love of many fans with its unique temperament and acting skills.She not only performed well in the movie, but also had very high accomplishments in sexy underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the cover of the sexy underwear number launched by Yoshizawa Mingbu.

Fan number SSPD-145

The SSPD-145 is a sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa Mingbu. The appearance is mainly black and red. It is fashionable and sexy. It is especially suitable for beautiful Japanese women.There are a lot of lace decorations on the underwear, reminiscent of the romantic flower season.

Pental IPX-112

The IPX-12 is another sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa. It is more bold and sexy compared to the SSPD-145.There are a lot of mesh and embroidery design on the underwear, which can make you instantly transform into a sexy temptation girl.

Fan SSNI-091

The SSNI-091 is the highest value in the sexy underwear launched by Yoshizawa. This underwear uses pink and white color matching, which is very suitable for fresh and lovely girls.The material of the underwear is very soft, and it can make you feel that you have a new physical experience.

Fan Number PPPD-579

PPPD-579 is a big breasts exclusive sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa. The underwear is made of thick sponge material, which can make your chest look full and upright.In terms of details, there are a large number of rope bands and laces on the underwear. The design sense is very strong, which makes people porridge.

Fan number SSNI-185

The SSNI-185 is a black erotic underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa Ming. The underwear uses metal accessories, which is particularly textured.The entire underwear feels very domineering, showing the strength and independence of women.

Fanxi SSNI-242

The SSNI-242 is a high-level, sexy, and bold sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa Mingbu.The underwear is made of silk and lace, and the appearance design of the big name is drawn. The middle pad can make the chest look fuller.Put on it to make you feel the ethereal charm of senior women.

Fan number SSNI-882

The SSNI-882 is a silk erotic underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa Mingbu. The underwear uses a concise design, revealing the tenderness of the woman’s heart.Different from SSNI-242, SSNI-882 pays more attention to comfort, allowing you to feel the thrill of sexy underwear while relaxing.

Fan number SSNI-979

The SSNI-979 is a red and white sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa. There are a lot of lace and embroidery decorations on the underwear, which reminds people of the romance of winter.The material of the underwear is relatively thick, which is more suitable for winter wearing.

Fan number SSNI-985

The number SSNI-985 is a unique sexy underwear endorsed by Yoshizawa Mingbu. Its design is very unique and has a strong Chinese style.The underwear is black and red, and it can make you instantly become a modern oriental girl.

Fan number SSNI-989

The number SSNI-989 is a sexy underwear recently endorsed by Yoshizawa Mingbu. The design is simple. It can make you maintain a noble and elegant state anytime, anywhere.The underwear is very comfortable and soft, and it is a very cost -effective sexy underwear.


As a well -known AV actress in Japan, Yoshizawa Mingbu also has quite high accomplishments in the design of sexy underwear.The sexy underwear brand she set up has attracted a large number of consumers, and her different types of sexy underwear can meet the needs of different consumers.Whether you are a sexy big -breasted goddess or a gentle and lovely young lady, you can find a style that suits you in the sexy underwear of Yoshizawa.In short, I believe that Yoshizawa’s interesting underwear brands will have a more bright development prospect in the future.

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